Reputed Fastener Supplier in India

Fitwell Instruments and Fittings is one of the leading fasteners suppliers in India with a wealth of expertise in the domain of fastener manufacturing. We are deemed one of the best fastener manufacturers in India offering a whole slew of fasteners coming handy in a myriad of applications. Our fasteners are used to joint two or more non-permanent joints. You can remove or dismantle the joints without damaging the components.

We offer the following fasteners to our global client base.

Stud bolts
He bolts
Square bolts
Eye bolts
Stud bolts
Foundation bolts
Flange bolts
Hub bolts
Grub screws
Lock nuts
Slotted nuts
Wheel nuts
Various washers
Many other nuts, bolts and fastener types

Our fasteners are made of premium grade stainless steel, brass, and mild stainless steel.

Industries our fasteners are used in-

Appliance industry

Perks of choosing Fitwell for Fasteners Manufacturing

As a pioneering fastener manufacturer and exporter in India, our fasteners offer the following benefits, features and applications.

High tensile strength
Compliance to all national and international regulations
Reduction of manufacturing waste
Light in weight, but robust
Corrosion resistant
Rust resistant

Fitwell Instruments and Fittings is capable of offering customized fasteners for your specific applications. If you are looking for custom fastener manufacturer in India, feel free to get in touch with our sales team.

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